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Looks very good! I did a scenario for this election by P4E08 years, and had pretty much the same candidates, though without the 'what-ifs', except the National Liberty Party under Gerritt Smith was on-by-default, as the Wikipedia article as written at that time wasn't at all clear that Smith dropped and supported the Free Soilers, and I had Butler, Cass' running mate, as his own candidate In the primaries. I might make the suggestion (which would also extend to 1936, 1940, and 1944 when you do them, as well as your recent 1952 scenarios) of making the Whig party color yellow, instead of red, first to show they were, to a significant degree, a separate party historically from the Republicans, and two, because many American election historical sources (especially, but not restricted to, online ones like Wikipedia and some others) also use that color for the party.

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Thanks. I played your scenario then. It was fun. Yeah, I was considering changing the colors. I may do that when I do the updates. For now, I'll keep them Red for all these first drafts.

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