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Jim Webb, Donald Trump, and Scott Walker

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Former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia should now be added as an official 'on-by-default' Democratic candidate in the 2016 scenario. Also, Donald Trump and Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin should be officially placed as 'on-by-default' Republican candidates.

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Scott Walker is set as an on candidate. Jim Web is set as one as well. Anthony has said that adding Trump I on the to-do list. Also Kasich will be turned on by default in the next update.

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I think Trumps skills are these:

Leadership 3

Experience 2

Integrity 2

Issue Knowledge 2

Charisma 2

Stamina 3

Debate 2

Money: At least 1 billion

This is me being realistic, I can't think of any argument for an improvement on these numbers, except in the money category.

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