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New State Elections


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I have two questions for some people to answer (just for future reference):

1. In state elections does it matter if the issues are the same as the national ones for that year?

2. Is it still fun even if the state is one big region?

It doesn't matter what the issues are in any election.

I mean in theory you could make an entire senario wth issues like, "J-Wallking" "Littering" "The Spotted-Owl Society". :) However, it's much more fun, IMO to have State Issues instead of National Issues.

to answer your second question, I would say no. It's not tha much fun because you run out of Barnstorming right away and foot soldiers get done right awya, and with ads and such. It's just vey boring, and stoic. The DC senario is one region, but done very well.

I hope that helps

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