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Awesome! "Old Sideburns" is a candidate! I'm not familiar with his platform, but I may play him for my first try just to have a funky portrait to look at! :P

That being said, I do look forward to seeing how this party system you've set up for this scenario plays out.

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Burnside,as a politician, was one of those really likable people that don't really have any convictions. He probably mirrored his state, which made him a good representative, but not necessarily presidential material. He didn't possess the intellectual prowess for high command at any point of his life. One scholar calls him likable personally, but completely unimaginative (outside his facial hair). In my mind, he's one of those comic, bumbling Colonel Blimp sort of characters. As such, I make him a likable candidate, but out of his depth. He's modeled off Admiral George Dewey, who in the 1900 election, was a gaffe machine. He said naive things like, "Being president is easy, you have cabinet people, you know." That's a paraphrase, but it sums him up.

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