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1876 Election


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Since it's pretty much next, how will you handle 1872? It ended up with the Democratic base supporting the "Liberal Republican" candidate Horace Greeley, but, from what I've read, the Democratic Convention could easily still have nominated their own party's candidate, and many were in favour of it (if not all in favour of the same candidate). That's besides Greeley's death after the actual GE but before the EC met, which could actual probably be safely ignored, however.

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I plan on making 4 parties with one of them OFF. The Republicans, Liberal Republicans and Bourbon Democrats (those that refused to vote for Greeley). However, as an OFF party, I'll have the Democratic Party, if they were able to organize. They'll pretty much have the same numbers as the Liberal Republicans; however, I'll look at the 1868 election to see how the Democrats did there, and make a few adjustments.

Some of the Liberal Republicans might be Democratic choices, so those people will have to be turned OFF if you play as the Democrats.

I'll also have Republican challengers from most of the states. In reality Grant was unopposed, but I want a what-if dissatisfied Republicans tried to block Grant's nomination by running politicians from about every state to hold the delegates. This would be a good option to use with the Democratic Party set to ON.

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