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1884 Election


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1884 election is up for download. JViking graciously made the map.

I was told that the ads were too inexpensive, which made the scenarios easy. I've increased the cost for running ads. The other campaigns will be updated when I start updates after making all the scenarios.

Feedback is desired.

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I just wanted to thank you for making these available so quickly, quibbles or little things like the Socialist logos included. It's been great fun playing with these.

Two things I'd like in general among them is an observation character to allow the AI to play all candidates. And maybe a bit more leeway in candidates who might have run had the actual winner lost the election earlier. Though I know you've said you'll be adding those down the road.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if you select an low ranked candidate (like Champ Clark or Woodrow Wilson in 1920) as say the only Democratic candidate, the party will only poll like 2% in the GOP vs. DEM head-to-head at the start which can lead to the GOP running away with 85% of the vote. Seems like it'd work better if the party (outside the candidate) starts with at least 25-30% of the vote no matter how much the candidate needs to shore up party support.

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Yeah, I'll do the 3rd party logos in the update when I finish all the early scenarios. Good point about the polling. It's because if a party doesn't have at least 1 percent in a state, then they don't get any support. What I'll do, probably, is give every candidate at least 1 percent in each state. I wish fractions were possible, then I could do 0.1%. I've thought of making an observational candidate as well. I'll do that when I make the updates.

In addition to logos, I'll have to update the state populations and the amount of delegates for each state. I wanted to crank out the scenarios first just so people have something to play around with. Hopefully, I can recruit some volunteers to do the population data and delegates for each state. JViking is making the map, which is really helpful. Adding events is another thing I need to do.

Thanks for your feedback

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