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Hi all,

I have edited the events.xml file to create some uk specific events for the 2015 GE Campaign. The dates in the file are chosen so they break on the correct day in game. i.e. The 'Ed Stone' is listed as 02/05/015 in the file but will break on 03/05/15.

The events i've included are the following;

'Ed Stone' (hits Miliband's integrity by -2 momentum)

'Farage HIV Health Tourism' (hits Farage's integrity by -2 momentum)

'Question Time Special - Miliband denies Labour overspent' (hits Miliband's economic management by -1 momentum)

'Question Time Special - Nick Clegg attacked over tuition fees' (hits Clegg's integrity by -1 momentum)

David Cameron's one is a generic one which can hit at anytime during the campaign but only once (to keep it fairly level). Cameron is attacked for not saying where the cuts will fall. (-1 Budget and Deficit momentum).

Let me know if you think there are some more ones to include.

I wanted to include Cameron being criticised for missing the BBC debate on 16th April but Cameron attends the debate in game so it seemed a bit odd to have him win a debate that he is criticised for missing :).

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