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2.0.3 PI Windows, TGameEngine Bug


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Yesterday, while playing 2.0.3 version of PI, I encountered following bug:

"TGameEngine::ProcessEndOfRoundServer () Code=11 Invalid floating point operation."

I used to see "Out of bounds" error occasionally, while playing with a large field of AI players in older versions, but I don't recall this one.

Loading one week back doesn't help, the error still occurs at the same time (+- 1 day).

Sav file size: 52 270 kB

Republican: Player + 14×AI

Democrat: 4×AI

Libertarian: 2×AI

Green: 4×AI

Constitution: 1×AI

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Hmm, I have not seen this error in awhile. What scenario are you trying to play, and what operating system are you playing this on?

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I get the out of bounds error from time to time still. It is just a little annoying, but does not mess up the game.

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It seems to be something to do with the computer players.

I cannot test this currently, because the internal version used in the development environment is now significantly out of step with 2.0.3.

I recommend waiting until 2.0.4 is released, and then if you experience the same error, e-mailing us ( http://270soft.com/contact/ ).

I can then look at the campaign and load game, and figure out what is causing the error. I of course want to figure this out, but my guess is it's a bug introduced by something in the customization, so it's more tricky to test and detect these sorts of bugs.

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