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Finishing 2012 Election


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Hello everyone. First, kudos to the developers for their hard work updating the game constantly and continuing to receive and read user feedback. Thank you. Second, one of my biggest issues with the current state of the game is the lack of completion of the 2012 election. We have a complete 2008, and 1968 election scenarios, however, the lack of completing the 2012 elections concerns me. It is by far one of my favorite and best elections. And I fear it will never be completed looking at the features and focus ahead.

I am offering to add endorsers, candidates, surrogates and so on, spending my free time when I can. Adding candidates, "What IFS" (Trump, Huckabee, Palin, Ryan) endorses, and so on. Am I the only one eager to see this scenario finished? Would it be possible to send in a more complete version of this scenario, reviewed by the 270soft team and possibly added to the official game? Thank you, and have a great Memorial Day.

Planned candidates:


-Hermain Cain (on) -added-

-Tim Pawlenty (on) -added-

-Sarah Palin (off) -added-

-Mike Huckabee (off) -added-

-Paul Ryan (off)

-Donald Trump (off)

-Jeb Bush (off)

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UPDATE: as of now, Herman Cain and Sarah Palin have been added to my version of the 2012 election. My plan is to finish adding the rest then begin working on endorsements. I project this to be completed and finished by mid next week if everything goes according to plan; before the month ends at the latest.

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Cain was a good candidate. However, I ended up supporting Michele Bachmann.

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Update: modifying a few things and will release the more complete version. In the first release, some of the candidates I mentioned will be added. Then work on endorsers will being. In the mean time, if some of you could provide me with a few of the big-name endorsers, it would help speed up my work.

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