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I've created an Australia 1975 scenario for the Australia PM4E 2013 engine, following on the famous "dismissal" of Gough Whitlam by the Australian Governor-General in 1975. I concentrated mostly on issues and issue centers, as well as getting an accurate list of candidates and divisions:


I haven't messed around with events much, aside from the first headline announcing the dismissal itself. I considered adding in some hypotheticals related to the dismissal, e.g. protests turning violent (which would presumably help the Coalition) or authorities in states with Coalition premiers overreacting to peaceful protests (which would presumably help Labor). It is *very* difficult to win as Labor in this scenario - I haven't managed it yet, though I have managed to improve on their actual results. Any thoughts on if there are any issues or percentages that I should change?

Anyway, as always, feedback is very welcome.

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