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The 1928 Election is up.

Many interesting what-if scenarios can be played, including an inexperienced FDR attempting to run for the presidency 4 years earlier.

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When you get to 1936, if you think you can make something of it in the new engine, you can feel free to take a try at my "what if Huey Long had survived his assassination and run, either as a Democratic to Roosevelt, or created a Third Party challenge" idea (I had called labelled the potential Third Party the "Share Our Wealth," which was his campaign plan label when running for Governor of Louisiana, which shortens to SOW Party {the SOW bit also neatly fits into certain parties like the Democrats, GOP, Reform, Progressive, and Prohibition, having quadripedal mammals as mascots}).

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I added Huey P. Long as both a Democratic and Share the Wealth option when I started making the scenario a few months ago. He's also in the 1940 scenario because some think that he didn't plan to run in 1936, but was going to have someone else run on his platform to split the Democrat vote so a Republican would win in 1936. Then he was going to run in 1940 as a Democrat against the Republicans. So I allow for both options.

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