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Election issue in custom built scenario

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I'm in the process of creating a scenario for the upcoming Alberta provincial election using PM4A-Australia as the base game. The game plays fine through the campaign itself, with no issues, however, when it gets to election night, the game simply seems to freeze at 5:59:59 (before polls are supposed to close). Anyone encountered a problem like this before, or have things I can look at to see if there is an issue in the xml files?

Appreciate the help.

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First of all, as an Albertan myself, I would HIGHLY discourage using the Australian system, as Alberta does not use the secondary vote thing Australia has (I believe that only British Columbia among Canadian provinces uses that system). I would recommend using the PM4E-Canada to actually get accurate results, as Alberta DOES use the exact same electoral system as the federal government. My hope would be, as to your issues, that if my advise were taken, the issue wouldn't recur in the different engine.

That being said, I am not good at spotting these errors as a rule, myself. I apologize for that part.

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Thanks for the response. I have disabled the preferential vote option, I am simply using the Australian base game because it is a bit more updated in terms of features and functionality then PM4E-2011. I find editing the Canadian base game to just be far more cumbersome, but perhaps I will have to give that a try.

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