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1980 US presidental election


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Also, I think that Jimmy Carter is too weak. He got destroyed in my game. If he looses, it should be close. Also, I think Reagan's experience should be higher. He was the governor of California. Reagan also looses momentum way too fast. He lost California in the primaries to Bush 82%-18%.

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Some typos. Turn the Independent Party on by default, but turn off John Anderson by default. This is for if someone starts in the general election. Jimmy Carter is still too weak. By Iowa, he was tied with Kennedy in general vote, but Kennedy was far ahead in projected delegate count. Also, Reagan gets too many scandals against him.

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Try increasing Carter's percentages. Carter also gets a lot of negative news that brings percentages down a lot. Was he that bad of a debater? Also, on Reagan's bio, you put time two times in a row(time time). John Anderson's stats for Republican and Independent need to be the same. For Bob Dole's bio it should be "who was the 1972 running mate for Ford". In Kennedy's bio there should be a period (.) after President not a comma (,). For Jerry Brown after name there should be a period (.) and capitalize Will. For the endorser Carl Vinson, former need to be abbreviated Fmr not Frmr.

Reagan needs to be taken off the Puerto Rico ballot in the primaries(he boycotted it)(he should have 0%). In the editor, Bush should have 60%. Anderson should have 0%. Baker should have 37%. Ben Fernandez should have 2%. Connally should have 1%(and should be on the ballot). Everyone else should have 0%(except for Ford). Everyone set to 0% should have the undecided voter section of the editor set to 100% and the other 2 sections set to 0%.

Reagan needs to be taken off of the Washington, D.C. one as well. He should be set at 0% and all undecided. Bush should be set at 66%. John B. Anderson should be set at 27%. Phil Crane should be at 3%. Ben Fernandez should be at 3%. Everyone else should be at 0%(except Ford).

In all other territories, Reagan should be taken off of the ballot and set to 0% and all undecided. Ben Fernandez should be at 3% in all of them. Connally should be turned on in all of them and set to 1%. Bush should be at 60% for all of them. Baker should be at 36% for all of them. Everyone else should be 0% for all of them(except Ford).

Conally should be on almost every state's ballot(not Illinois, Connecticut, Wisconsin, or Louisiana.)

You need to correctly set the incumbent parties for the states

Mondale's bio should be:

Mondale was Carter's Vice President. It would take a lot to get him to run, but if he would, he would be a more liberal alternative then Carter. Some of his good traits are experience and carefulness.

Also, turn the independent party on by default, but turn off John Anderson (independent) by default. This will be for if someone starts in the general election.

Take out all Democrat debates. Carter refused to debate Kennedy. The debate on 11/1 should be on 10/28(set the percentage limit at like 30% because Anderson was not allowed). The debate on 10/1 should be on 9/21(this is up to you because Carter refused to be apart of it because Anderson was in it). The VP debate is your choice. It was canceled because Anderson's VP was going to be in it. The first Republican debate of the primaries was on 1/6. Take out the ones on the 1st and the 3rd. The second debate was on 2/20. The third debate was on 2/23. The fourth debate was on 2/28. The fifth debate was on 3/13. The sixth and last debate was on 4/23. The Republican debates should not have any percentage limit.

Walter Mondale need to be Carter's Vice President when starting in the general election.

Massachusetts needs to be closer(the percentages) in the general election to start.

Add the interest rate as an issue

Add Equal Rights Amendment as an issue

Add Roger MacBride as a national endorser leaning towards the Libertarian Party(when added) but sill favorable to Republicans; his bio should say "Roger MacBride is a former Republican, but as an elector in the 1972 election, he voted for the Libertarian Party candidate. He then switched to the Libertarian Party and ran as the party nominee for President in 1976".

When I say get rid of momentum, get rid of foot soldiers as well

Endorser Daniel Patrick Moynihan needs to be in only New York

Endorser John Melcher needs to be in Montana not national(get rid of US momentum)

Endorser Bennett Johnston, Jr.(you need to add the Jr.) needs to be from Louisiana not national(get rid of US momentum)

Adlai Stevenson III needs to be from Illinois not national(get rid of US momentum)

Endorser Jim Wright should be national(get rid of momentum in Oklahoma)

Endorsers Edward Kennedy and Paul Tsongas need to only be in Massachusetts

Endorser Strom Thurmond needs to be only from South Carolina

Endorser Julian Bond should only be from Georgia

Endorser S I Hayakawa needs to be in California not national(get rid of US momentum)

Endorser Carl Vinson should be in Georgia not national(get rid of US momentum)

Endorser Peter Tali Coleman should also be in Northern Mariana Islands(he was the former high commissioner)

Endorser The New York Times should be leaning towards the Democratic candidate to start with Jimmy Carter in the lead; It should not endorse until the General Election

Endorser Bob Dole's numbers need to be adjusted(Connally and Baker should not be at 100; put them at 50)

All Union Endorsers should not have a surrogate, also they should no endorse until the general election

Add President Jimmy Carter as a national endorser(committed to Jimmy Carter)(lean Democrat if Carter is not on)

Add Fmr. President Gerald Ford as a national endorser(Committed to Gerald Ford)(lean Republican if Ford is not on)

Add Vice President Walter Mondale as a national endorser(committed to Jimmy Carter)(Committed to Walter Mondale[if on])(lean Democrat if both of hem are turned off)

Add Fmr. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller as a national endorser(Committed to Gerald Ford)(lean Republican if he is off)

Add Fmr. Ambassador to France(he was George McGovern's running mate for President in 1972) Sargent Shriver as a national endorser(lean Democrat)

Add Fmr. Gov. George Wallace(ran for President in 1968 for the American Independent Party) as a national endorser(committed to George Wallace)(lean Democrat)

Add General Curtis Lemay(he came up with the strategic bombing strategy in World War 2; He run for VP on George Wallace's ticket in 1968) as a national endorser(lean Democrat)

Add President pro tempore of the Senate Warren Magnuson as a national endorser(remove from Washington)

Add Governor Fob James as an endorser in Alabama(lean Democrat)

Add former Senator Eugene McCarthy as a national endorser(he ended up endorsing Reagan)

Add Rep. Geraldine Ferraro as an endorser from New York(major lean Democrats)(lean Carter)

Add Luis A Ferre as an endorser from Puerto Rico(President of the Puerto Rico Senate and former governor)(lean Republican)

Add Angel Viera Martinez as an endorser from Puerto Rico(speaker of the house of Puerto Rico)(lean Democrat)

Add Baltasar Corrada del Rio as an endorser from Puerto Rico(Resident Commissioner)(Leans center)

Add Walter E. Fauntroy as an endorser from Washington D.C.(US Representative)(leans Democrat)

Add Arrington Dixon as an endorser from Washington DC(Chairman of the Council of DC)leans Democrat)

Add Ben Fernandez as a national endorser(endorsed Ben Fernandez)(leaning Republican if Ben Fernandez is not on)

Add Peoria Journal Star as an endorser in Illinois(committed to Libertarian)(lean Republican if Libertarian is not on)(starts after the start of the general election)

Add Don Sundquist as a surrogate for Howard Baker

Add Gov. Richard A. Snelling as an endorser for Vermont(leaning Howard Baker)

Add Charles H Keating, Jr. as a national endorser(leaning John B Connally)

Add Angela "Bay" Buchanan as a surrogate for Reagan

Add the "National Rifle Association" as a national endorser(leaning Republican)(start after the general election has started)

Also, all the former Presidents(and current), former VPs(and current), governors(including former governors), Senators(and former)(including the president pro temper and state/territorial senators), and Representatives(and former)(including the Speaker of the House and state/territorial representatives) endorsers should be available to start the game(set to start on the first day of the campaign).

I also think that the US and states need to be more to the right.

For Republicans:

Primary(add these):

add Phil Crane of Illinois(set on)

add Ben Fernandez of California(set on) - (on Puerto Rico's, Iowa's, New Hampshire's, Florida's, California's, New Mexico's, Arizona's, Texas', Washington, D.C., Massachusetts', Vermont, Guam's, Northern Mariana Islands', South Carolina's, Delaware's, Georgia's, Alabama's, and US Virgin Island's ballots)

Add Gerald R Ford(write in)(set on)(in all states; this should only be turned on when Gerald Ford is turned off)


Withdrew before election(should add these):

Larry Pressler of South Dakota(off)or(undecided)

Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. of Connecticut(off)or(undecided)

Declined(Optional to add):

Frank Borman of Indiana(off)

Bill Brock of Tennessee(off)

John Danforth of Missouri(off)

Pierre(Pete- goes by this) du Pont of Delaware(off)

Jack Kemp of New York(off)

Alexander Haig of Pennsylvania(off)

Henry John Heinz(goes by John Heinz) of Pennsylvania(off)

Charles "Mac" Mathias, Jr. of Maryland(off)

Charles(Chuck- goes by this) H. Percy of Illinois(off)

Elliot Richardson of Massachusetts(off)

William Ruckelshaus of Indiana(off)

William(Bill- goes by this) E. Simon of New Jersey(off)

James(Jim- goes by this) R. Thompson of Illinois(off)

What if candidates:

Nelson Rockefeller of New York(off)


Primary(add these);

Cliff Finch of Mississippi(on)


Declined to run:

Hugh Carey of New York(off)

Frank Church of Idaho(off)

Henry M. Jackson of Washington(off)

George McGovern of South Dakota(off)

Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York(off)

William Proxmire of Wisconsin(off)

Mo Udall of Arizona(off)

What if:

Former Governor George Wallace of Alabama(off)

Also, for the Democrats, add an unpledged candidate(called Unpledged Delegates). They won Michigan and Alaska, so they should be ahead in those states. Look at Wikipedia for the other states.

Other Parties:

Libertarian Party(on by default)


Ed Clark of California(on) VP: David H. Kouch of Kansas(start with $50 mil)

What if candidate:

David H. Kouch of Kansas(off) VP: Ed Clark

American Independent Party(.05% nationally in the general election to start):


John Rarick of Louisiana(on)(he would start with about 60% in party support) VP candidate: Eileen Shearer of California

Percy L. Greaves, Jr. of New York(on) VP: Frank L. Varnum of California(20% in party support)

What if candidate(actually make this a different party; name it George Wallace-American Independent)(set off by default):

George Wallace of Alabama(off) VP: Curtis LeMay of California(they would be very popular in the south(Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia; he would have good support in Texas, Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Nevada, and West Virginia)) (95% party support; they will have 80% committed voters and 10% leaning and undecided)

For all candidates: 60% committed, 20% leaning, 20% undecided

Citizens Party:(.27% nationally in the general election to start)


Barry Commoner(on) first VP option: LaDonna Vita Tabbytite Harris of Oklahoma(wife of former Democratic Oklahoma senator, Fred R. Harris) secondary VP option: Wretha Hanson of Washington, D.C.

60% committed, 20% leaning and undecided

American Party(.09% nationally in the general election to start):


Percy L. Greaves, Jr. of New York(on)(if playing him, also play the one from American Independent Party) VP: Frank L. Varnum of California(have 46.5% in each state)

Frank W. Shelton VP: George E. Jackson of Kansas(have 11% in each state)

Unpledged Anti-Greaves VP: none (have 43.5)

For all candidates: 60% committed, 20% leaning, 20% undecided

Communist Party USA(.05% nationally in the general election to start):


Gus Hall of New York(on) VP: Angela Davis of California(100% in party)

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Also, will you be adding more parties? The Libertarian Party should defiantly be added. They got almost 1 million votes which was 1.06% of the votes nationally(they were on every ballot). Add the candidates(Democrat and Republican) that ran or withdrew before the election. When you have time, you could add the ones that did no run.

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