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1824 US presidential election scenerio


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I have created this scenario. Put your email down if you would like to try it. I would appreciate the feedback.

John Q Adams

Andrew Jackson

Henry Clay

William H Crawford

James Monroe

John C Calhoun

Smith Thompson

DeWitt Clinton

Langdon Cheves

John Marshall

John Randolph

I am still working on the endorsers, so they will come shortly. I have national endorsers ready though.

Edit: I have completed the endorsers up to Louisiana.

Warning: Do not click on a state that is not in the election while looking at electoral votes. This will make it so that you cannot see the percentages in other states.

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I have fixed the problem with it crashing on election night. I would like to thank Anthony for all his help with finding the issue. I have it updated on the campaigns site.

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I added another newspaper and VP candidates.

I updated the primary and convention dates(if you wanted to turn the primaries on, so you could pick your VP)

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Only that you misspelled John Quincy Adams's middle name. I think it may just be in the bio.

Also, some of the candidates names, by the popular vote, are DR-JCC (or something like that) and some are Monroe. I think the last name looks better.

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