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Indepandent candidates on P4E

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To anyone who has played as Perot in the 1992 scenario, what is the most electoral votes you have managed to get? I think my best was just over 80 because I managed to steal California and Illinois. Is it possible to actually win as Perot?

What about Nader in 2004? What is the highest percent you have gotten? I think the best I could do was a meager 8%.

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You know what would be cool. Is if you could have a turn of the century one where you are the party boss and are running the House of Reps campaigns for your party. It would be a little tough and I suppose you'd have to do it with the PM4E base instead of PF but it could be cool.

Hmm, I was actually thinking of doing something like that.

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Holy cow...how did you get so many electoral votes as Perot!

::thinks and decides he needs to play again::

Most I won was Ut and Alaska...once I took Utah, Idaho, and Nevada...but not that many states...crazy

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on the last week I used 3 types of adds on all my "electoral strategy" states (about 120 electoral votes, since of course my goal was not to be elected but to make a big score for a 3rd candidate)

- 1 to promote my leadership

- 1 to lower Bush's one

- 1 to lower Clinton's one

and I made a good campaign too

really Perot is great to play :) but I don't think it is possible to win with him

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