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They dont actually use the electoral college. Mine is proportionally allocated. I chose to do this for two reasons:

1. I dont really like 1 state games, just my preference

2. Because I actually made it so that if the oblasts go the way they did in the runoff then it is a tie, then i made the delegations all ties, so it adds a new twist.

Glad you guys like it!

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I played it a few weeks ago, and got a funny result, hehe :D, I won on the electoral college with Yushenko, but Yanukovich won with the 57% of electoral votes ;)

The scenario was quite well done, the issues, the country also was very well split on it's to opposed sides (Yushenko wins on the west and on Kiev, Yanukovich wins on the East on the mine regions like Donestk). I liked it ;)

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