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The help file's included with the demo.

As for congress, it should be do-able using PM4E's ridings system. Just name the ridings "1st District", "2nd District", etc. (I hope I'm not screwing up the entire US electoral system with this... Congress is the one with districts, right?)

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Here is how the ridings system works.

In Canada, there are 13 provinces & territories.

Some places, like the Yukon, only have one seat, or riding.

Most places, though, have multiple ridings. Ontario, for example, has over a hundred.

But unlike the US system where, if you win a state, you win all the seats in the state, in Canada the ridings are individual elections. The candidate in each riding who wins the most votes gets that riding's seat. The party who gets the most candidates elected wins the election.

What you'd do is that, suppose DC had six districts (Which I know full well it doesn't)

You'd set DC up as a region/state/province, then PM4E lets you set up ridings with regions/states/provinces. So name one riding "First District", another riding "Second District", etc.

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It's different, and it's different in a way that makes it more complicated.

You don't really need a lot of the features the Australian one will give you, and it'll lob about half an hour off the time it takes you to build it. If you want to learn everything in one go, go for the Australian one, but you don't need it.

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The Australian version allows you to conduct preferential voting elections, where, if no-one gets over 50%, then you count the "preferences" of the lower-polling candidates to find out who they support. So effectively you turn it into a 2-horse race.

This is opposed to the medieval system you find for Canada and the US Congress. But if you want to stay in the 1200s, for all means, first-past-the-post is for you.

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Just to add: the Australian version includes the Canadian scenario and you can use FPTP in it. It is basically an improvement of the Canadian game, and if you wanna make a US Congress scenario you should get that game. It's separate to the Presidential game. It may take quite a bit of work to make a US HoR game, and to play it, since it's almost too many ridings to play the Canadian scenario, and that's over a hundred less than in the US version.

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I made that point. But if Pellaken's gonna have a go at my electoral system, when his is so much more primitive and medieval, well then...

That's because Pellaken hasn't been getting any.

IRV = Instant Runoff Voting.

"Traditional" runoff voting means you have the election, but if no candidate passes 50%, then the two leading candidates have a runoff in a week/month/whatever

Instant Runoff Voting means you rank the candidates in order of preference on a single ballot, and runoffs are calculated without the break in between.

IRV is faster, saves paper and money, and is seen as a better system.

Traditional runoff gives the second-place candidate a chance to make up the gap, which isn't entirely fair, IMO.

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Not so fast, sparky. The Canadian one is the same voting model as the US one (First Past the Post, except the US uses Electoral College, etc.)

The Aussies use IRV.

To sum it all up:

First Past the Post with Electoral College and No Ridings: President Forever

First Past the Post with Ridings: Prime Minister Forever (Canada)

Instant Runoff Voting: Prime Minister Forever (Australia)

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