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Governors 2014 for Congress Infinity

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I made a scenario where you battle for the governorships. It's an initial release, especially note that Kansas and Alaska are off their rockers (third party thing) and that selecting "gray" states will not show you its governor seat, but show the Alabama race instead.


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I had an initial look at this scenario, but haven't a full game yet. A big suggestion, though - change the issues, somewhat.

First of all, Military Intervention, War on Terror, Iran (the last of which I pointed out in feedback to the House and Senate 2014 scenarios by TheorySpark was a non-issue in the 2014 electoral cycle anyways and should be replaced by something like ISIS), and, I believe, Social Security are NOT within the jurisdiction of state governments at all, and state governors thus have no say over these issues. Also, certain other issues, such as Immigration, for instance, have to have their stances reworded to reflect, again, state jurisdiction - the fact is, even all 50 governors in agreement cannot constitutionally legislate or change such issues on a singular national scale; that requires federal legislation and oversight. What I'm saying, thus, is you should reword issues, and even replace some, to reflect the state, not federal, level of governance.

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For updated issues I'll await 270soft's updating. Further I'd argue that the Governor Elections are influenced by the Federal Elections, to the average voter it is just one big pot. While individual Governors do not mention these issues and they cannot control them, through the media and the parties themselves, it does affect them and voting behaviour. The platform in this game represents the party platform, not the platform of individuals. Whether the wording is or isnt in need of change I'd have to look in to, I didnt pay notice to it.

Updated the release, correcting the third party error and cleaning up the files a bit. The gray state selection problem remains.

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