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weekly and daily turns

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i know it was not everyone's cup of tea, but i absolutely loved the weekly turns during the primaries in the 08 version.

i felt it became far easier and quicker to find out of an insurgent campaign was going to come off (quick endorsers, momentum and first primaries) and therefore allowed me to bail if things did not go well. now, i have to invest a long amount of game time till 4 or so primaries are gone and especially during the primaries, i am just repeating the same set of actions over and over again (targeting, endorsers, debate, knowledge and building campaign).

i was wondering if there is any chance that this option could be revived, but to have it as an option alongside day by day (as i know some people like that option). could a player select at the start of the primaries whether to play either way, or even switch between the two during the campaign, as it becomes necessary to make decisions on a day by day basis.

to be honest, i have found myself not playing pe16 because of the time commitment and feel weekly turns allow a slightly different game to take place

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