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Oxford City Council scenario

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Greetings with my very first post!

I have been very patiently labouring at my pet project - faithfully recreating the 2014 Oxford City Council elections. Rather predictably despite my careful editing of the text files, I have two repeating errors:

1. If I run with UKIP and the Independents (only parties not to contest each ward) the scenario does not load, but instead I get the message: List index out of bounds (-1)

2. Without the parties, the main game loads and runs - until you end the turn! Then I get the following message: List index out of bounds (44) (sometimes the number is just "4")

I've patiently hunted around the forums, but am at a loss as to what I should change in the scenario files. Can anyone enlighten me at all?

Thanks in advance! Any and all help would be gratefully received.

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Hello! From one scenario designer to another, I know how frustrating this can be. I too, thought I carefully edited all of the XML files but encountered similar errors (I edited and implemented my own scenarios in President Forever 2016). Are you using a different map? If so, make sure all of the lines "connect", and, check the main scenario files along with the political ID of the candidates and so forth. Good luck!

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This kind of issue has happened to me so many times. The problem is, there's a LOT of things that can cause such errors, and I don't recognize what the actual error numbers themselves mean (I'd be willing to bet, in fact, that only Anthony and his co-workers would know them off-hand). I do hope you can find a way through this issue; this scenario does sound intriguing.

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Thank you for these replies - it's encouraging that I am not alone in encountering trials when customising scenarios!

To answer replies - yes, I'm using a custom designed map for Oxford.

I'll check the image file to ensure all of the lines are joined, but it seems to be working ok. It sounds like checking the party files (certainly for the independents and UKIP) is the best way forward. Thanks for the advice! I will keep you posted on progress.

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Well I've managed to fix one problem at least - the UKIP/Independents problem was because the UKIP candidates were still listed as "UK Independence" ... doh!

Now just to find out what problem is causing "List Index out of bounds (4)" ... it's probably going to be something annoyingly simple!

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Success - it works! I now need to work on the detail (ad types, local endorsers etc) but I at least have a working platform to test it on.

The main challenge is that Oxford is a Labour-dominated city with no clear opposition - so I need to balance the game to capture the difficulty of defeating Labour, while not making it frustratingly hard to defeat them!

I will of course make it available for play-testing once I have ironed out the kinks.

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