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[PM4E Aus 2013] Scenario crashes game

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Hey, I made this scenario by hacking around with the XML to create a custom nation (my micronation, lol), but it keeps crashing the game with a referencing memory error, any chance you could look into it for me?


If you fix this for me, that'd be great.

EDIT: Right, I noticed an error in the political units xml, there were no underscores, and I thought making the map a massive square would fix it, as I initially thought it was a map problem. NOPE!

EDIT 2: Just edited the party_preferenes new as it had old parties, NOPE! I've got the error number too.

Access violation at address 00492725 in module 'pm4e-aus-2013.exe', read of address 00000000.

Does that make sense to you? I've updated the link anyway.

EDIT 3: So I found some references to old political units in the vice presidents section of parties.xml, and it changed the address from 004 to 005E or something. Curious. Link updated.

EDIT 4: I must be getting desperate, because I'm scanning the files and nothing seems wrong, link updated after various changes.

Access violation is now at address 005A4382 and it attempted to read 00000010.

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It's difficult to trouble shoot scenarios like this where the XML has been modified directly.

The best bet is to start with very small changes to a scenario that works, and then test the scenario at each step.

For some things, there are coordinated changes that have to be made (changes in multiple files, for example).

Hope this helps,

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