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Hi Anthony,

[Note: I've added numerals to this post - Admin]

[1.] I was only able to choose my VP after the convention. The Button vor VP selection appeared and I could choose between Gray ore None, but I wasn't able to offer the VP position to Johnson because the game told me that I can only offer the VP slot to a player if I have locked the nomination. So there seems to be a bug in the logic that determines if you have locked the nomination or not.

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/Hnkf76J

[2.] When I hit the button get on the ballot in Michigan and Oklahoma the game told me I could not work on the party ballot until I'm the only candidate for the party. This still happened in the general election phase where I already had my VP chosen and Johnson had withdrawn from the race a long time ago.

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/ZHNNajT

I found a few other minor things to add to the list. Most of them just visual bugs or issues:

[3.] - When I turn on polling the info text has a strange character in it before the plus-minus-characer. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/zei8t1v

[4.] - The crystal ball predictions and also the debate screen sometimes just cuts the information if it gets too long. Maybe it should start a new line if the text gets too long? Screenshot: http://imgur.com/y2gLrvn

[5.] - The color issue: It is very hard to read white on yellow for example at the final election screen if you play Libertarian, also if you play primaries with lots of candidates many of them are just too similar. It should be possible for the players to choose the colors of all the candidates and parties. Screenshot of the Election screen with white font on yellow background: http://imgur.com/LxZq5Bi

[6.] - Also it would be nice if I could choose the order in which the candidates are shown. Started a game with Booker in primaries and every turn had to click to page 2 on the main screen to see my momentum, percentage change, etc. because Clinton, Warner, Biden and O'Mally always where on the front page even when I won the first few primaries.

Just started the game again, now I am on the front page right after clinton. So it seems that the display order is created by looking on the potential delegates every time you start the game.

[7.] - At the final election screen there is an option for messages if a state is called. It does nothing at the moment. Also the title of the screen says "Banner text here": http://imgur.com/LxZq5Bi

[8.] - I finished 3rd with Ventura in the election and the screen where it rates your performance says "You have won the election" in the title. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/wswHgxj

[9.] - When I try to close the high score screen it gives me a memory error, returns me to the performance rating screen and everytime an entry is created in the high score table. I can only quit the game by killing the process. Screenshot (see the 3 Ventura entries with score 71): http://imgur.com/2T3xm2C

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1. I added Johnson to Ventura' possible VP list, which fixes one part of this problem. If you experience this again, please let me know, as there might be a problem with the computer algorithm for determining if a player has locked up the nomination.

2. Fixed in latest internal.

3. This might be a regionalization issue. Text modified.

4. I've expanded the width, but this still might happen, especially if a candidate has a longer name. I'll think about a more general solution for this.

5. Yes, this is a general problem with having so many candidates. The candidate editor allows for these colours to be changed by the user for leaders, and will also allow them to be changed for parties once the Campaign Editor is completed.

6. This is a good point - the functionality might be changed in a future release.

7. Removed image and text in latest internal. These will be re-added in the future.

8. Fixed in latest internal.

9. Fixed in latest internal.

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