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has anyone started creating a new scenario for the UK elections 2015. or know of one that has been created? i am hoping to play the election with a bit more populatiry for UKIP to make it a bit more interesting as this seems to be the major factor for the up and coming elections. PLease will someon reply with any answers.

Thank you

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There has been no recent attempt at an updated UK 2015 scenario. The current version was made not long after the initial polls responding to public opinion on the coalition and initial perspectives on the Labour leadership race - so, still back in late 2010. There has yet to be made a newer version.

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thats a shame i would give it a go myself but i wouldnt no where to start. its a shame a newer version of the game hasnt been released regarding this election as i beleive it will be an interesting election next year...

i have just been reading the "2015 UK General Election scenario thread" is that the scenario you was talking about? if not where could i find and download this?

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