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Error when running scenario

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Im trying to create a scenario for what im calling the appalachian region. It has the following states:


The game was working fine except I noticed WV wasnt working. I figured out this was because I had only set number of regions to 7 instead of 8 in the electorate trends file. I went back and fixed it and now my scenario wont work.

It gives me the following error:

List index out of bounds (231)

Ive looked at the Electorate_trends file and the regional_centers file and the regional_variables file and I cant find anything wrong in there.

Can someone help me?

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Check, re-check, and double-check your region/state names. If they don't line up perfectly, it won't work.

Oh, and check for punctuation. The game doesn't seem to like periods anywhere other than in the map abbreviations (as in St. Alexis, Newf. & Labr., etc.). If you change it once, remember to fix it everywhere, though.

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