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Creating a 5-Way Generic Scenario

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I am new to this forum but not to the game,had 2004,now 2008 and Campaigns Forever. Currently I am making one which includes a mainstream Rep and Dem,plus Wallace,Anderson,and Perot,all polling evenly at the start,using their final votes as a guide. I used 1980 as the base for realism,only 12 years from Wallace and Perot's campaigns,and don't play primaries,only the general. I use Mondale and Bush or Baker as reasonable mainstream candidates but didn't remove any others. No problem adding parties,candidates,adjusting regional strengths. I have played it on difficult,using all five and came in first,so they are reasonably even,using good strategy,hard to win 270 with 5 candidates,probably realistic. I have done a project on this,it's an interesting scenario where if the minor parties had a chance,they might keep their support,as all three polled above 20% at some point in their campaigns. Now it also makes a good game.

My only trouble is I am trying to change some issues and events to make it more generic so it can represent many years,not so specific to 1980's problems. I keep getting different errors. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there some simple solution I am overlooking,some steps I am missing? It's not a big deal,it plays fine as it is,just trying to make it better and more realistic.

I would be glad to discuss the scenario further if anyone is interested,and of course post it or send it when it is finished.

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