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playing as yourself on game


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Wow, close election. I played the standard 2004 against my brother, we both put in our exact political stances, him as the Democrat, me as the Republican. I beat him by a very large percentage. He's played the game a LOT more since then, it'd be interesting to see what he can do now.

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I usually only play scenarios with myself in them now. I was so inspired that I created a scenario of my own little town with myself and my peers running for first selectman with a lot of high school politics mixed in (I was Freshman Class Prez; lost to imbecile sophomore year; won Vice-precidency junior year and have to work under imbecile Prez; and shall now fight the incumbent imbecile in the scenario (and real life) senior year).

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Following the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004, North Haven demonstrated that it was a solid Republican town. Can the Democrats make a comeback and sway the town's hardcore conservatives?

Running as a Democratic minority in North Haven is a bitch. I started off to a 58%-38% hole against incumbent Todd Defrancesco.



Nevertheless, I campaigned long and hard. I strove to gain my own home district of Clintonville and its 4 electoral votes. With that and the other two abreviated districts above could I win. I needed 8 to win. Quinnipiac had 1. Green Acres had 3. The rich northwest district of Ridge and the southeast rich and populous district of Montowese had 2 and 5 electoral votes respectively.

Throughout the campaign, my main concern was Clintonville. I gained momentum there in the middle of the campaign. However, my hold was small with only a few points lead over Defrancesco at times. He countered with his own drive in Clintonville in the final days of the campaign. In the end it, came down to 12 souls who decided to vote for one candidate over the other...


Choun defeats Defrancesco.

(In real life, Todd would have won because only popular vote exists.)

(Also, that is not the real Todd picture as I did not have time to scan in his photo. That is the former governor of Connecticut who resigned upon corruption charges.)

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What's wrong with "Damn"?

There are much more offensive words he coudl use. You're from Jersey, I'm sure you hear them everyday.

Oh man, I was at some global leadership thing with kids from around the world, and i really noticed how much i swear, such a jersey thing

Anyway, my best 2004 is with myself, 469-69, the key to a 2004 lanslide is winning texas.

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