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Campaign Data for U.S 2012 Election


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Below, is a link to a spreadsheet that I created, containing poll #'s, issues along with stance, and campaign attributes for Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and Tim Pawlenty.



F-R= Far-Right

R= Right

C-R= Center-Right

C= Center

(#)---official= Starting attribute

Their is a huge gap in percentages. For Palin, in most to every state, I think she should be polling around 9%-12%. Herman Cain should poll around 5%-9% in almost to every state, with the exception of GA. And Pawlenty, should poll around 3%-5% in almost to every state. Of course feedback is welcomed.

Did I miss something? Have any questions? Feel free to reply in this forum or PM me and I will make the change(s) and update the file asap.

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I just updated the file to include my idea regarding the percentages for Herman Cain and added a "endorsers" sheet with my idea of potential endorsers to add to the official 2012 scenario. Any thoughts? Ideas?

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