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Send me a lot of scenarios, guys

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Hello everybody! I am here for anyone who has the following scenarios below that, please send them to my email.
-> Rusia 2012;
-> British Columbia 2009;
-> Romania (any year);
-> All-Star Presidential Race;
-> NYC 2013;
-> Virginia Senate 2012 - Webb vs. Allen Rematch;
-> West Wing - 2002 (COMPLETED);
-> Gubernatorial and senatorial Washington 2012;
-> New Jersey Senate 2012;
-> Ohio Senate 2012;
-> Massachusetts Senate - 2012;
-> Texas 2014;
-> America elects - 2016;
-> United States 1789, 1792, 1796, 1800 and 1804;
I will be very thankful who send them to me.
My email is this: luckinhas1313@hotmail.com
Since now, thank you.
Att, Lucas_Toledo__.
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I have a 1788/1789 election that I'm working on. I used to have a presidential royal rumble in the last version of President's Forever, with all the presidents.

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I have most of those scenarios, except Ohio (did someone actually make one?), Romania (I've never heard of one), or West Wing (I've never watched the show), and in fact am the author of Russia 2012 and a version of US 1789, 1792, 1796, 1800, and 1804 for P4E 2008 (though I've been tinkering with those ones and don't feel they're fully complete as of right now).

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