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1980, 1992 Updates?

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Okay, got it. I ran four hands-off tests. Bush won more electoral votes than Clinton in all of them. Two were ran with regionalism and economy enabled. Two without regionalism. One without regionalism threw the election into the House where Clinton was elected. Perot also got Maine in this one.

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Bush was ahead for a while...then Perot came into the race and was ahead of them all. The Democratic National Convention surged Clinton ahead of Bush and a bit ahead of Perot...it would be interesting to do a race starting in January of that year...a VERY long campaign.

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Ran three hands off games with the Clinton character modifications. I kept track of each candidate's momentum and those scandals really are a killer. I would see Clinton -100+ many times. Each election remained close like my last night's tests. Clinton won one election with 271 EVs. The rest Bush won, and never winning the popular vote.

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yeah, JM, hard battle w/ Clinton - the scandals fly towards him like flies to ___

still you can win w/ him, which is all you need

winning everytime gets dull, ya know?

last effort I was "Clinton the Average" won Texas but lost Florida and shaved it at the end by winning Washington

good enuf for Jazz....

Anthony set those electoral-numbers up to be close as hell, as they were

I sent in a modified version, like I outlined b4 - should be up soon, I guess

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