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1980, 1992 Updates?

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I'm bored again - cold out and the big UM v. VT showdown ain't for 90 minutes or so

just played my updated 1960 and proud to say it was as razor thin a win for JFK in the game as it was in real life (less than 10,000 votes in NY and IL). Anthony should post it soon - he says

gonna do 'em anyway, any suggestions?

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cheers HR!

campaign name

1980 - National Nightmare

// campaign blurb

Islamic revolutionaries have taken American hostages in Iran, the USSR has launched an invasion of Afganistan, while oil shortages and inflation are crippling the economy at home. Will the nation turn to new leadership to resore its lost confidence?

issue changes are minor

Drug use will be "tradional values"

and Terrorism will be Iran Hostage Crisis

adding Ted Kennedy as an optional Dem candiate as well

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OK, just to make this simple for Johnny, if you want to add any of these people, these are the ones who ran in the 1980 primaries for their party, with Ford added.














Thats it! if you want to it would be great! :)

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This is what Wikipedia says:

In 1944 he won the Republican primary election for Senator, and the general election that November. Once in Washington, he revealed his progressive roots to the consternation of his more conservative Republican peers. In protest to Dwight Eisenhower's selection of Richard Nixon as his running mate, he left the Republican party in 1952. After a term as an independent, he became a Senator for the Democratic Party in 1956. Despite these switches in party allegiance, for which he was branded a maverick, Morse won almost every election for Senator.

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On that note, adding Rocky in as a candidate in '60 would fit as well.

Also, for '92:


George Bush Sr.

Pat Buchanan


The real field was:

Bill Clinton

Paul Tsongas

Jerry Brown

Bob Kerrey

Tom Harkin

Doug Wilder (for a brief while)

Paul Simon (acc. to Wikipedia)

Candidates that looked at running but didn't:

Al Gore

Richard Gephardt

Mario Cuomo

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// campaign name

1992 - The Color of Money

// campaign blurb

An economic downturn and rising unemployment have reduced President Bush's historic approval ratings after the Gulf War. Can an energized Democratic Party win the White House, or will a Texas tycoon's billions win him the nation's highest office?

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