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So I was thinking of creating a "Write-in" party for my custom scenario. Basically, a party with 0 support anywhere and probably only on the ballot in DC (the state that 99% of the time goes Dem anyway, so it shouldn't effect the outcome of the election). I wanted to do this so I could run a test game (or just a hands-off game) without adversely effecting the actual election (I remember a hands-off game as the constitution party in P4E2008 that still garnered almost 4% of the vote!).

If I were just to create a hollow candidate with 0 stats (or 1 stat) in everything, would that crash the game?

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So, I created my write-in party and then changed all of their primaries to be the same day (day before their "convention") and now whenever I load the game it crashes:

Access violation at address 005AE18E in module 'p4e16.exe' Read of address 0000000C.

Any advice would be helpful!


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