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Editing Electoral Divisions


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This still hasn't happened,the only reason I bought this game was due to being able to create my own campaign. Extremely disappointed there haven't been any updates.

This functionality has been added to the latest version of the engine for the UK game, but unless I'm missing a patch it doesn't seem to have been added to the Australian game (Which is a pity).

That said, I have been able to add and remove constituencies by editing the game files directly. In my Tasmanian State Election scenario, I attempt to explain how I managed to do this. This method would absolutely allow for changing boundaries or vote shares across the Australia map, and even adding or removing entire divisions.

The current political circumstances in Australia are unstable and precarious and we may either have a double dissolution election (As soon as a few months from now) or at most the scheduled general election in a bit over a year. So if you're hoping for easy constituency adding/removing in the editor, I imagine that functionality will be rolled into the Australia 2016 game.

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To summarise: the electoral divisions of a scenario are set out in the file called 'political_units.xml', which is in your scenario folder.

In this file the states are referred to as 'Abstracts', and the electoral divisions or seats are referred to as 'Fundamentals'.
There must always be at least 13 Abstracts (For no apparent reason), and I would presume at least one Fundamental under each Abstract. But you can add or remove those Fundamentals (Seats) or even add totally new Abstracts (States / Regions) with their own brand new seats, simply by copy-pasting stuff around. An example of a 'fundamental' political unit, the seat of Farrer, can be seen below.

<political_unit id="farrer_fundamental">

<!-- does this matter? -->
<party id="liberal" candidate="Sussan Ley" strength="1" fundraising="1" initial_funds="0"/>
<party id="labor" candidate="Gavin Hickey" strength="1" fundraising="1" initial_funds="0"/>
<party id="greens" candidate="Christina Sobey" strength="1" fundraising="1" initial_funds="0"/>
<party id="katters_australian_party" candidate="Ken Trewin" strength="1" fundraising="1" initial_funds="0"/>
<party id="palmer_united_party" candidate="Ronald Emmerton" strength="1" fundraising="1" initial_funds="0"/>
<seat incumbent_party="liberal">

If you wanted to create a new seat you could simply copy-paste that code into a different spot and change the details. If you want to delete a seat, you can just delete that code and the seat disappears (Just make sure you've always got at least 1 seat in each 'abstract').

Be very careful with the indentations, I suggest you use Notepad ++ to get everything to line up properly.

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