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Australia 2013 scenarios ready

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To make a long story short, I'd already spent quite a bit of time working from 270soft's Australia 2010 scenario to create a 2013 version with Julia Gillard as Labor leader and Prime Minister when she was removed in favor of Kevin Rudd. Given the shift in the polls since Rudd's return and the potential differences in local candidate selection between a scenario with Gillard and a scenario with Rudd, tweaking the files to accommodate both of them as Labor leadership choices was looking like a major headache. So, I decided to finish the Gillard scenario, then modify it to reflect something closer to RL with Rudd as leader and Prime Minister as a separate scenario.

Anyway, both are ready for download if anyone wants to try them.

Gillard scenario:


Rudd scenario:


Divergences in the Gillard scenario:

  • Election is September 14 (per her original announcement)
  • Gillard, Peter Garrett, Greg Combet, and Craig Emerson do not retire
  • Kevin Rudd retires (the Griffith candidate is listed as "TBD" since I don't know who would otherwise run there for Labor)
  • Wayne Swan is still Treasurer and there is more of a "bonus" for the Coalition if they beat him
  • Peter Beattie does not run in Queensland
  • Labor's relations with Katter's Australian Party are worse (since Katter seems to prefer Rudd to Gillard from what I can tell) and they cannot form a workable minority government
  • "Labor Party Turmoil" (a new issue that I added) has a lower profile

I'll revise both of these after the actual election and probably submit them for 270soft's page, but I would welcome any feedback in the meantime.

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Thanks! I was kind of wondering if anyone ended up giving them a shot, especially now that 270soft has released their own version. Now that the election's over, I'll probably go back and revise the electorates one last time to make sure the numbers are at least within a reasonable range of the actual result and add in the Palmer United Party, since they did win a seat.

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