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U.S. Presidential Election - 2004


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This actually isn't ready yet, but it should be in a couple of days at most in something of a Beta mode. Game starts on December 8th, in large part because for most percentages I tried inputting actual polling data, and the late November-December period had the largest early concentration of them. The result was a polling map that looked nothing like the one we saw in the old PF+P '08 version.

(Picture will be placed when I figure out why the forum isn't letting me place it)

Howard Dean is leading the pack, with Wesley Clark close behind. Kerry (Blue) and Edwards (Purple) meanwhile are in the single digits, with the former not even leading in his home-state. Also don't be confused by the small undecided voter base; 60% of the voters for each candidate are leaners who can switch at the drop of a hat, provided they are given a reason to abandon their candidate.

Bush is the only Republican candidate, though I am going to try and add Lincoln Chafee as an off-candidate at some point, depending on a response from the Admins.

Now, I would like some opinions on what the Campaign Infastructure stats should be for:

- John Kerry

- John Edwards

- Howard Dean

- Wesley Clark

- Joseph Lieberman

- Dick Gephardt

- Al Sharpton

- Dennis Kucinich

- Carol Mosley Braun

And of course:

- George W. Bush

Nader and a few others will be included at some point, but I want to make sure that the major parties are all set first. In time though. ^_^

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Ooh, nice! I always wanted a 2004 scenario that isn't as... odd, as the PF08 one.

Campaign stats:


- Bush

- Kerry


- Edwards

- Dean

- Clark


- Gephardt (should have money problems)

- Lieberman

- Kucinich

- Sharpton

- Braun

In order all the way.

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Glad to see this being done. The '04 primaries were very interesting but unfortunately they weren't realistically represented in the '08 version; most of the candidates were within a couple of percent of each other. In fact, I think it was perfectly possible to win the nomination as Braun, Sharpton or Kucinich.

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So glad someone is doing this for the 2016 platform.

My only suggestion would be that you include some third party candidate, or a no-name "test" type of candidate. Some of us like to run through the scenarios as test candidates and play 'election manipulator.' ;)

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What is the status on this scenario? How is it coming along?

Even though it is only a couple of levels down, I had entirely forgotten I ever worked on this. <_<

The files are on another computer, somewhere, and they might not even be present.

Readily available I only have a single picture showing what it was like, and I am not certain how far along I actually was:

(Never mind, it is not letting me post the darn image; apparently I don't have permission to post even one, let alone a link to one)

Anyway, once I am done with the "A New Spirit - 1980" I'll try and pick this up again, if I am able to come across the files in one of the old machines.

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