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Post potential scenarios for P4E16 that you think would be neat.

Here are a few from me.

1968 US Presidential election (the most interesting historical election in my view)

UK direct Prime Ministerial elections (would be fun to have Cameron and Boris or Gaitskell and Bevan running against each other in primaries)

President-by-President series (by this I mean a series of scenarios for each election that each President has contested; for Barack Obama it would include the Illinois Senate and congressional races he contested, for George W. Bush the Texas gubernatorial races etc)

Fictional character scenarios (Just that. Characters from fiction running for President)

Direct Vice Presidential elections (so, for 2012, the primaries would include the candidates that Romney considered for VP. Ryan, Portman, Rubio etc. For the Democrats probably just Biden and Hillary.)

Regional scenarios (presidential elections taking place only in New England, the South, West Coast, etc)

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Doesn't necessarily have to be though. I recall someone attempting a Harry Potter scenario some years back. As for The West Wing, I did create a 2002 scenario for 08 a long time ago but unfortunately I never got around to completing it. 2006 is course already on the scenarios page but it could I suppose be updated as a scenario for the new engine.

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