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Tutorial for making quality mugs


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Hi! I'd like to help scenario-makers out with making mugshots for their scenarios.

1. Google the candidate's name. You should easily find a clear picture of their face if it is a somewhat known politician from present day. For older politicians, you might need some flexibility, but former Presidential candidates can always be found. Wikipedia is great for pictures, and as a plus all are Creative Commons, which means that they can be used freely. Preferably, stay to pictures that aren't copyrighted.

2. Choose a suitable picture and open it in your image program (Paint, Photoshop, etc. I use Paint.NET, which is free)

3. Reformat the picture using "crop to selection" so that it shows just a little bit more than the candidate's face and neck, but with some extra space to the top and/or bottom of the picture. The picture should contain little else than the head, I. E. little background.

4. Resize the picture to 75xNN pixels, where NN should be determined automatically if the "Maintain aspect ratio" (or similar) box is checked.

5. Cut away at the top or bottom until you reach a 75x87 pic. Save.

6. Cut away more (preferably the neck and/or any extra space) until you reach a 75x75px picture. If the head is not whole, redo and/or find a better picture.

7. Resize to 32x32. Save.

8. Enjoy.

Image tutorial may be coming later.

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Thanks! Will you be doing a tutorial on how to set a picture of your scenario when you up-load it to the scenarios site? I notice when I use Snip, save it, resize the image using online image converter, upload with my scenario, and try to make it bigger using the <-----> on the corner of the picture, it because fuzzy. Yet when I look at the pictures of other scenarios, it is successfully done. This would be really helpful to know.

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