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United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Scenario 2016 - Any Ideas - Collabi

Hamish Wright

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The Year is 2016 and all the worlds people finally get a voice. The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly is established and its first election set for this year

Party Concepts

Progressive Alliance (Social Liberal Party0
- Francois Hollande (France)
- Dilma Rousseff (Brazil)
- Manmohad Singh (India)
- Kevin Rudd (Australia)

-Julia Gillard (Australia)

-Justin Trudeau (Canada)
- Jens Stoltenberg (Norway)

- Tony Blair (England)

International Democratic Union
- Barack Obama (USA)
- Angela Merkel (Germany)
- Shinzo Abe (Japan)
- Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia)

- David Cameron (UK)

- Tony Abbott (Australia)

- Stephen Harper (Canada)
- Donald Tusk (Poland)

The Right Alliance ( Far Right- Conservative)
- Paul Ryan (USA)
- Vladimir Putin (Russia)
- Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)

Party of the Socialist Left
- Hugo Chavez (Venezuela)
- Cristina Kirchner (Argentina)
- Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)
- Alexis Tsipras (Greece)

Earth United (Green Party)

- Bob Brown (Australia)
- Antanas Mockus (Colombia)
- Renate Künast (Germany)
- Elizabeth May (Canada)

Party for Freedom (Fascist)
- Nikolaos Michaloliakos (Greece)

Democratic Party of the People (Communist)

- Xi Jinping (China)

- Raul Castro (Cuba)

Islamic Justice and Construction (Sunni)
-Nouri Al-Maliki

Islamic Liberation (Shia)
-Ayatollah Khomenei
-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I need some help on this anyone is welcome

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Hugo Chavez is dead, I believe.

Also, it's not that bad to do proportional representation by country. If you want 800 seats, I'd recommend doing something like taking one-seven-hundredth of the world population, i.e. 10 million, as your approximate district size, dividing the population of each country by that number (which isn't hard when the number in question is a power of 10), and then rounding to the nearest positive integer. So sure, the Vatican "should" get 0.009% of one seat, but instead you give it 1 seat, and all the other tiny little countries. The result is that you end up with well over 700 seats, but since you were aiming for 800 in the first place it works out.

Also, this might just be me but I've never been entirely convinced by the tendency of people making these international scenarios to put the likes of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and David Cameron in the same party. In part this is because I think one should largely judge politicians in different circumstances by the changes they're proposing, and by that metric you've got Obama proposing various changes that would move the United States a bit closer to the European social democratic model while Cameron and Merkel are proposing changes that would move their countries away from that model, and closer to the United States. If you look at their actual platforms, the specific policies they propose, they might end up looking pretty similar, but they're trying to move the world in opposite directions.

When I once made a scenario that included not just the whole of Earth but also the whole of history, I basically considered the Democratic Party to be a "liberal" party, sitting sort of in the middle between the left-wing "socialist" parties and the right-wing "conservatives" ones. Indeed, the U.S. Democratic Party has some weak affiliations to Liberal International, while both Cameron's Conservative Party and Merkel's CDU are members of the International Democrat Union, a center-right organization which includes the Republican Party. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to put Paul Ryan in a competing party to Merkel and Cameron when they're both members, in a sense, of the same international party organization. (Apparently Putin's party doesn't have international affiliations, not surprising I suppose but it makes it a bit tougher to place him in this framework.)

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Hey Hamish are you actually gonna make this, it woudl be aweesome!!!

Some opinions, Justin Trudeau isn't in the same class as the progressives in that class, he'd be more in line with Barack Obama or centrsits. Muclair would be with Hollande and such. Also Tony Blair wouldn't be with them either, he's a notorious third-way centrist who, as a Progressive/Socialist like me, repulses me and is a centrist, should be with Obama in the Centrist Party. Thats also something else that we've seen in these scenarios that people always group Merkel/Cameron/Obama with each other, more or less they are actually not the same. The Party you have there is a center-right, progressive conservative, classical liberal party. Take out Obama and make a "Liberal Future" Party of Obama, Clinton (either), Trudeau, Clegg, and Blair.

The "right alliance" maybe wouldn't be the name Paul Ryan would campaign on, take Ryan and put him in that Party with the Cameron/Merkel thing. Putin and Benny should be put with that Party too I guess, although theyd be more on the right wing of it, although they are the same.


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Thanks for the Response ProgressiveMicheal and yes i am going to make this it might take a few months though, the only problem im going to have is making the map and its variables but other than that . and Thanks for you sugestions on the Parties i will definietly do that

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Ah yeah, actually, as I look over your list of candidates and parties I see that you have in fact named them after the international party organizations. But the International Democrat Union, of course, does not include the U.S. Democratic Party and in fact does include the U.S. Republican Party, so if you're going to organize it that way I don't think it's defensible to put Obama in that group.

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Update, i started working on the scenario yesterday, im going to make it for President Forever 2008 plus Primaries because its alot easier, thanks for the sugestions everybody i will definetly include those into the scenario, agian if someone could make a map or something that would be fantastic

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