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United States + Canada - 2020

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I have been working for a while on a sceneario in which Canada joins America in 2017 and then the following election in 2020. While I understand this would be impossible I still based on it on a 'what if' scenario and the situations they would run into. I just am just about complete and would love feedback/help constructing it any way you think it needs it. I based on the layout on Romey 2020 so thank you for whoever wrote that.' Anybody interested I could email a copy or perhaps somebody knows a site I can put it so people can download it?

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I like the premise, but it's very unpolished. The Canadian provinces being only dots makes it feel kinda sloppy, unfortunately, even if I understand why. And the Canadian mugs aren't the best. Fix these and change more things from the other 2020 scenario (more candidates, for example) and we have a potentially really good scenario.

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I don't think the creator of this scenario still posts on these forums, or has for several years, and I know don't even if any of these previous individuals requesting the scenario, some of whom go back to 2012 by looks of it, ever got theirs. I'm afraid, back in the P4E 2008 heyday, a lot of scenarios were announced, and talked about, and then their creator vanished without finishing or distributing them.

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Okay, so I did have a thorough look on my hard drive in case this actually was released and I had it (and I was VERY diligent in acquiring all the fanmade scenarios for the old P4E, PM4E, and K4E engines that were finished and I was aware, even ones I'd likely never actually play, myself), and all I have is the map that was made to be used with this scenario, which was previewed somewhere, as I recall. I firmly believe this scenario was, indeed, never actually finished or distributed, even in beta form.

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