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Australian Federal Election 2013


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I'm hoping to see it started soon, too, but there's a lot of uncertainty concerning this election at the moment. First, we don't know who the Labor Party leader will be. It's a question of will he or won't he challenge with Kevin Rudd. I've also seen some reports that some people want Simon Crean to try to gain leadership of the party. He's said he won't trigger a spill, but I guess he could still stand if a spill is triggered. Secondly, if there is a leadership change, it could potentially have a drastic effect on polling. Thirdly, also regarding polling, I've seen some polls that have a pretty large percentage of "other" responses. While I know minor parties' preferences tend to be overstated, I can't help but wonder how much of that number is due to Katter's Australian Party, yet as to date, I haven't seen any polling treating them separately. Hopefully the details will begin to work themselves out soon, though.

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