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1912 Presidential Election


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I intended to discuss this issue in depth, but apparently in months past I had modified the original file in order to make it more appealing, and no longer knowing what state it was in.................. <_<

I can make a couple comments though.

First, what we need to do is make it so that Roosevelt concentrates on the primaries, and that he has little chance in the Caucus states, those states that would be controlled by the establishment; for him to carry the nomination, he would need to ride a wave of momentum following a string of primary wins that could convince the delegates that he would be the better candidate, a wave able to withstand any attack on the part of Taft. Roosevelt's support should actually be quite soft in the beginning; he lost the North Dakota primary to La Follette, New York to Taft by a 2 - 1 margin, and failed to even make the ballot in Wisconsin. He then managed a major win in Illinois, which helped fuel his victories in every other primary, minus Massachusetts. So should Roosevelt be weaker than Taft in the primaries? Not exactly, given New York for example was more of a primary among the elite rather than that for example of Illinois, and those regions he performed poorly in were less receptive to his views on the whole, though obviously far from averse. So...............weak enough that if Taft plays his cards right he can overtake him, but not so weak as to make that an easy task. As it is, Roosevelt will need to perform well in the Caucus states, and that might prove harder than Taft contest the primaries.

Second, a Lieberman mechanic. Now, I know this has been mentioned time and time again, and I believe you guys have said no previously, but in the case of 1912, it becomes something of a necessity if you want to play from the primaries. Roosevelt after losing New York, not having yet won a primary and being far FAR behind in the delegate count, declared he would run as an Independent were he not nominated; he of course did, but the idea is to show that no matter what occured, he was determined to be a candidate for President under some banner in November, at least while Taft was in the running. The way I figure it is................a candidate can exist in two parties, with one being switched off by default, in this case Roosevelt as a Progressive. The two Roosevelts would be in everyway identical except in being in two different parties, the Republican on the Progressive off. Now, come the the results of the National Convention, rather than being offered to continue playing as Taft first, you'd get the option to switch over to this previously deactivated Progressive Roosevelt, with most everything getting carried over. I'm not sure how this would be handled, but that is how I imagine it could be potentially made to work; try and minimize the differences.

Third................actually there isn't a third at the moment. But it will come to me. Eventually. ^_^

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I second the suggestion that TR be able to "switch" to Bull Moose if he loses the primary. I think this type of mechanic needs to be included so that we can better simulate TR, John Anderson in 1980, and a possible (though unlikely) Ted Cruz/Tea Party in 2016. I'm sure there might be other examples of party jumping after the primaries, but I think this would be a great function to have available to modders.

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