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Do you think a House Of Cards Scenario could be made.

Here are my proposed elections

1994 (Henry Collingridge)

1999 (FU)

2001 (FU)

2005 (FU)

2009 (Tom Makepeace)

A leader for the Labour for 1999 and 2001 could be Johnathan Stout (Lib Dems could be made up) or the king.

Conservative Leaders -

Francis Urquhart

Henry Collingridge

Tom Makepeace

Micheal Samuels


C - 39%

L - 35%

LD - 20%


C - 37%

L - 31%

LD - 24%


C - 38%

L - 36%

LD - 22%


C - 45%

L - 30%

LD - 22%


C - 31%

LD - 30%

L - 29%

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I've dabbled with some British scenarios based on both "A Very British Coup" and "House of Cards" off and on. I think they're all bug-free, but based on borrowed ridings files from other British scenarios and with only a few new events and issues so far. Here's what I have as of now (titles, brief summaries, Labour and Conservative leaders).

1988 - Left Turn

Labour: Harry Perkins

Conservative: Thomas Andrews (the ex-Tory PM in the series), Margaret Thatcher

This is the election that brings Harry Perkins to power at the beginning of AVBC, based on the idea of widespread social upheaval under Thatcherism leading to the public considering a more hard-left Labour agenda.

1989 - The Plot

Labour: Harry Perkins, Lawrence Wainwright (Perkins' more moderate rival)

Conservative: Thomas Andrews, Margaret Thatcher, Francis Urquhart

This is the election that Perkins calls after the British establishment attempts to force him from power. I know Urquhart isn't part of AVBC but a Perkins vs. Urquhart election was too tempting a prospect.

1994 (no title yet)

Labour: Neil Kinnock, John Smith, Harry Perkins

Conservative: Francis Urquhart, Henry Collingridge, Patrick Woolton, Michael Samuels

I envision this as the first election that Urquhart calls after becoming PM, though his main rivals are still available as Conservative leaders. Perkins is "imported" to the 90s (though it's a bit of an awkward fit given that his brand of Labourism would have been very much on the wane at that point). I kept Kinnock and Smith because there was no obvious Labour leader character in the first HoC series.

2005 - All Fall Down

Labour: John Stroud, James of Windsor, Joe Badger, Tony Blair

Conservative: Francis Urquhart, Tom Makepeace, Geoffrey Booza-Pitt, David Cameron

Lib Dems: Tom Makepeace, Charles Kennedy

This is more open-ended, allowing for different scenarios based on the final HoC trilogy: a "canon" scenario in which Urquhart is dead and a new Tory leader has been chosen as well as one in which he's still around but deeply unpopular. Tom Makepeace can be the new Tory leader and PM or a defector to the Lib Dems, and Labour's potential leaders include John Stroud (the leader from the second HoC series), James of Windsor (the abdicated King from the same series), Joe Badger (the guy often yelling out the smart-alecky comments in the Commons in the last trilogy), and Tony Blair. Geoffrey Booza-Pitt is an Urquhart supporter who starts to turn against him by the end. Cameron is in there so there's a relatively moderate Tory option besides Makepeace.

I'd like to do a scenario based on the election at the end of the second series too, but I'll have to figure out a way to work in the King's involvement and the "dirty tricks" Urquhart's people play towards the end.

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Both are great series. There's "First Among Equals" out there as well, the Jeffrey Archer novel that was turned into a British miniseries.



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I made a few changes to the first House of Cards election, based on the background from the producer in this article:


The scenario can be downloaded at the link below. This is meant to be the "Firm Government" election described in the article, though the alternative Conservative leaders are available.


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