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Supreme Court picking the Prez


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Now here's where things can get nasty: The Supreme Court of the USA.

Considering that court challenges and recounts are being considered, why not have your candidate take it to the highest court in the land? This way it would be settled once and for all.

This would only be triggered in close races with close electoral votes. Also, there must be some kind of legal challenge (recount, attempt to throw out absentee votes, etc..) in a state which could throw the electoral balance in the favor of the plantif from the defendant (to make the required minimum EV's or to break a tie if above minimum req'd EV's).

The supreme court would have to be based on the following formula:

If the bench is mostly liberal, then there's a 60% chance that they may rule in favor of the democrat (or other left-leaning party). 40% in favor of the republican (hey they do interpet the law and your candidate may have done something pretty nasty that party/idealogical affiliation absolutely can not forgive!). This works vice-versa for a conservative bench and conservative candidates. Even better is the fact that this can represent the pull of Justices upon their peers and the possibility that dissenting judges may just change some in the majority's minds about an issue.

A split bench results in a 50-50 chance.

Sound good?

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Gop4e, thanks for the Supreme Court description. In a close election, there could be a more generic feature (say, legally contest or not). The only question is: why wouldn't a player contest? There would have to be a tradeoff (for example, a risk that their historical assessment (high score), if they did win, would be lowered).


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Darn right there ought to be consequences for legal challenges. Probably a signifigant reduction in score would be best, since legal battles would be rare and take place after the election night results. I think a trigger should be a very very nasty and close campaign. For instance if both major candidates have less than 51% of the vote and a close elecoral vote over the required amount, plus a lot of scandals would have to have appeared during the campaign.

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