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Decade Scenarios (1980s, 1990s, 2000s, etc.)

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So almost a year later...lol

The recent addition of the 1968 scenario to President Forever 2016 inadvertently led to a revival of this project.

I found that shortening the calender again as suggested did make more candidates competitive early on. So here are some minorly updated 1990s and 2000s scenarios both in terms of calender (now starts about a year before election day) and those pesky candidate colors, with a few tweaks (though some more need to be made as Donald Rumsfeld has become basically unstoppable at times in the GOP primaries):
2000s: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/820953/2000sElectionsv03.zip

1990s: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/820953/1990sElectionsv03.zip

That's certainly no reason to revive this failed thread on its own, but perhaps this is, an early version of the 1980s scenario!

1980s: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/820953/1980sElectionsv01.zip

Who's running so far? Glad you asked.
GOP: Reagan, Bush, Dole, Howard Baker, Pat Robertson, Jack Kemp, John Connally, Phil Crane, Pete du Pont, Lowell Weicker, Gerald Ford, Alexander Haig (plus some yet to be edited left overs from the 1990s like Rumsfeld)
DEM: Carter, Kennedy, Mondale, Dukakis, Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart, Gore, Gephardt, John Glenn, Paul Simon, Jerry Brown, McGovern, Reubin Askew, Fritz Hollings (plus leftovers)
IND: John Anderson

Quite a bit rougher than the other two, candidates whose photos are in color have not been "updated" to represent their 1980s era versions but were already in the 1990s scenario which I built off of. (Since some candidates of the 1980s it's much easier to only find black and white photos in acceptable quality I chose to make every candidate in black and white. Pretend it's newspapers, while 1990s is network TV and 2000s is cable TV or something.) Still plenty of quirks to fix (Ronald Reagan bombs on the Daily Show! Rachel Maddow grills Walter Mondale!) and candidates to add but it's pretty playable.

One cool thing is that after I adjusted the primary calenders to more accurately represent the 1980s ones with a big gap between Iowa, NH and then the first "super tuesday" is that there is a lot more jockeying for position with momentum fading and others rising to become a late contender. May need to tweak this in the 1990s scenario as I mostly just copied the 2000s setup of early battles.

There is one thing of note, and that's the general election can see some big swings in terms of who has a quite large lead. My excuse is that this is realistic since Carter and Dukakis both had 30 point leads over Ford and Bush respectively at one point in 1976/1988. But in reality, I'm unsure why it's happening other than it may be related to me lowering the expected funds for the campaigns. (The debates also seem to play a much bigger role in swinging things.) Mentioning 1976/1988 reminds me that I somewhat built the base party major support around these two elections rather than 1980 and 1984 because that makes the Republicans more or less unstoppable, especially using 1984.

If you just pile all the "big names" into primaries you get a lot of deadlocks that have to be resolved at the convention, this combined with some bugs I accidentally introduced into the primary season had a side benefit of illustrating to me a future way of dealing with the conventions as powerful deciding factors as we go back in time more.

I do need to move the conventions back to earlier, I just realized last night this should have been done and only now as I wrote this remembered. (Though the gap does have the benefit of having a period where everyone who can't realistically win starts dropping out and allowing for uncontested conventions. And some Veep deals.)

I have looked into porting these over to 2016 with the new editor and will put that on the to-do list as it continues to develop. Anyone can feel free to do a port job if they'd like and don't want to wait on me. I will be focusing on 2008 for the time being because of the familiarity with editing it and having the "core base" of the scenarios already built. All I ask for is a mention of credit and permission to build upon your port in the future.

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Lots to ramble about regarding the course of this project, but I shall refrain because this is what anyone still checking in wishes to know about:

1980s v0.3

-New Alliance Party* added
-Republicans: Larry Pressler, Charles Mathias, Nelson Rockefeller** added
-Democrats: Cliff Finch, George Wallace, Frank Church, Sargent Shriver, Birch Bayh, Fred Harris, Milton Shapp, Terry Sanford, Robert Byrd, Walter Washington, Walter Fauntroy, Ellen McCormack added
-Libertarians: David Bergland (1984 nominee) added
-New Alliance: Lenora Fulani (1988 nominee) added
-A few candidates strength tweaked here and there
*They seem to be overly strong in this version, I think I fixed it shortly after putting this release together.
**Died in 1979 but added for maximum fictional 1976 compatibility
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1970s v0.1
-First release
-Issues updated for the 1970s, might need to tweak one more...note that the description text may still refer to things like it's 2012
-GOP: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Rockefeller, George Romney, Mathias, Bush, Dole, Baker, Connally, Crane, Weicker, Stassen
-DEM: Carter, McGovern, Humphrey, Udall, George Wallace, Muskie, Church, Scoop Jackson, Shriver, Bayh, Eugene McCarthy, Mondale, Jerry Brown, Fred Harris, Bentsen, Shapp, Terry Sanford, Robert Byrd, Walter Washington, Fauntroy, McCormack, Ted Kennedy, Cliff Finch, Bill Bradley, Joe Biden, Fritz Hollings, Askew, Alan Cranston, Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson
-IND: McCarthy
-AIP: George Wallace (1968 strength, 1970s AIP will have to be separate)
(Also Ron Paul as Libertarian placeholder because I did not change it yet)
-Favorite sons and further potential candidates (this latter applies to 1980s as well) along with standard tweaks (strength, etc.) to come, likely will create some kind of base 1960s version like this one first

1980s v0.4
-Leftover candidates (Cheney, Lugar, Buchanan, Bradley, Cuomo, Clinton, Graham) "updated" to 1980s versions
-Couple issue changes (more accurate middle ground between 1970s and 1990s than it was)
-Candidate strengths, issue positions, pictures, etc. adjusted

1990s v0.4
-Gary Hart and Pete du Pont added
-Some minor tweaks

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