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New Zealand 1990 - *almost* ready but...

RI Democrat

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I've been working on some New Zealand scenarios off and on for a while now. I did 1996 and 1999 for the C4E engine, since NZ switched to proportional representation for the 1996 election, and I've been trying to get 1990 done for the new PM4E2011 engine. After a lot of editing, trial and error, and correcting mistakes (mostly where something in one of the .xml files didn't match something in one of the others, e.g. riding names, parties running, etc.), I think I mostly have it ready.

Here's the one remaining problem, and I just can't seem to figure out what's causing it. After I click through all the parties and their leaders, I get this message:

"Access violation at address 0044F028 in module 'pm4e-can-201.exe'. Read of address 00000008."

The map does display, but without any of the regions colored in for the leading party. I can click on sectors of the map to get the seat breakdown for the sector in question and even get the "strategy" window to appear with all the different seats, but the access violation message still appears repeatedly.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? I've probably put at least 10 hours of work into this and I really don't just want to throw it away. Here's a link to a screenshot, which may clarify what exactly I'm talking about in case it wasn't 100% clear above.


Thanks in advance!

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