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All-Star State Presidents

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In keeping with my theme of all-time election scenarios, I've been thinking about developing a series of All-Time State Presidential elections. The concept here is, in addition to the basic all-time thing, that each state is an independent political entity electing a President to lead it. Any politician or, theoretically, major political figure outside the world of elective office, from that state would be eligible to run. Senators, Governors, conceivably Representatives, etc. Also, as with my original P4E08 All-Star President scenarios, I'd assign people to their own nominal political parties, rather than creating new ideological coalitions.

I've already got surprisingly-easy-to-compile historical county-level population data, and my plan is to give each county delegates proportional to the sum of its population at each census throughout that state's statehood. Unfortunately, this means there are a number of states where one county has more than half the delegates, notably Providence Co., Rhode Island, New Castle Co., Delaware, and Maricopa Co., Arizona. In a first-past-the-post electoral college system, giving one region more than half of the delegates means that all the other regions are completely irrelevant, which wouldn't be any fun. I'm hopeful, then, that eventually they'll give us the option of making general election delegates proportionally-assigned, or even using outright popular vote. So actually making these scenarios is probably on hold for a while, awaiting both that development and a scenario editor like we had for the '08 version. In the meanwhile, however, I would certainly like to receive any suggestions people have about candidates in various states, or about how the various candidates and parties should be balanced. Similarly with Issues: my assumption is that most of those will be the same state to state, but that there will be a few local or regional issues that vary.

So, anyone have any thoughts? Does this sound like an interesting concept? Got any ideas for candidates/issues? Thanks!

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I can certainly see a star-studded competition for such states as New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, or even Virginia. But what about some states that haven't produced a lot of high-profile people, like Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma, Idaho, or Wyoming?

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Well, yes, they'll presumably be somewhat less exciting contests. Still, every state's been around for a good long while, and in pretty much every state there are at least a couple of notables, and the prospect of some competitive elections. I'm not necessarily sure how dedicated I'll ever manage to be about finishing up the entire series of 50, if indeed they ever release a campaign editor so I can get started. Still, I think it's an interesting idea, even for the states with less loaded depth charts.

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