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Will seat-level issue_centers work in PM4E?

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In Congress Forever, there's an option to enter code for a single seat that will cause the issue centers for that specific seat to shift either to the right or to the left of the centers for the region. For example, a state will have issue centers for each issue, and then within a specific district in that state, there's a place where I can enter code like this:



This will cause all the issue centers for that district to be two points to the left of the issue centers for the state.

Will Prime Minister Forever Canada 2011 recognize this code if I use it?

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Never mind - just tried it and it didn't work, though it is possible to include a separate "tree" of issue centers for an individual seat and the game will recognize it.

At least you can differentiate that way, even if it's more work. I find in the default 2011 Canada scenario, Linda Duncan (the NDP Edmonton-Strathcona MP) loses her seat every time I play, even though in RL she's on her second term. This, I think, is partially because of the Alberta region's issue centres, even though the Old Strathcona-University of Alberta area of Edmonton (completely contained in Duncan's riding) is much farther left-wing than most of the rest of the city. Just an example that comes to mind, as I'm an Edmontonian.

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