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Question about primaries

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I still use the President Forever 2008 version, and it appears there's no way to just have a primary campaign ignore certain states. Let's say there was a hypothetical Canadian scenario using the American electoral system, it'd make no sense for the BQ to have any sort of primaries outside of Québec/Montreal/etc. It seems that using Campaigns Forever for a scenario I'm making I either have to individually create useless primaries (with no delegates) in various states or the game will crash. Is this correct?

Edit: Also candidates who have ballot access in only a few states think it's a good idea to campaigns across the country, but I guess that's just a bug.

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I've been known to encounter a similar situation. For instance, in making my All-Time President scenario, the old-time parties like the Federalists are only on the ballot, and only have real primaries in, the states that were in the Union during the last Presidential election they contested. The way I've gone about negating the primaries for the other states has been to give them 1 delegate each, which is close enough to zero that it pretty much can't affect gameplay at all, and then to just leave everyone at 0% in those primaries. What'll happen is that you'll have 100% undecideds for much of the campaign in those states/regions where you don't have real primaries, and then at some point all those undecideds will jump to one of the candidates, who'll win that primary overwhelmingly, but who cares? It's only one delegate. Hope that's helpful.

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