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Questions about the President Forever 2012 demo

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I am an owner of PF 2008 but haven't played it in a long time. I thought I would take a look at the 2012 demo to give myself a refresher course for how the game works. Is there really no documentation for the game? The only thing I can find is at this link: http://270soft.com/product-help-files/president-forever-2012-help-file/. It has practically no content.

I did find the link for the help for the 2008 version which had more content, but it didn't even explain what the effect of barnstorming is. I'm guessing it gives you a chance to increase your momentum in that state, but what about the details? What is your chance based on? How much can you raise your momentum? In the old manual it mentions that after 5 times your barnstorming power goes down and returns over time. How long does it take before you can barnstorm effectively in that state again?

I barnstormed several times in Ohio until by momentum was +11. The next turn my support % didn't change. Shouldn't I have had 11% chance to get +.5% support with a 10% chance to get another +.5%?

I was going to try out the strategy screen, but in the 2012 demo there doesn't appear to be any buttons so you can add or remove states to / from your strategy. Am I missing something or was this disabled in the demo?

What are the limitations of the demo?

Sorry for all the questions and sounding cranky, but it is frustrating to try and play a game that doesn't have any directions.


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