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Which 2008 scenario is the best  

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  1. 1. Which 2008 scenario is the best

    • Top Dogs
    • Evan Bayh's Attempt
    • Kerry vs. GOP
    • The Wedge
    • Red Dawn
    • Blue Moon
    • United North America
    • Who vs Whom?
    • A New Direction
    • Powell

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sarnstrom54014's 2008 is the best.

Hm, I'll have to agree. I felt the ratings were more realistic, and it was a more dynamic scenario than the obvious runner-up, Top Dogs (Which I still enjoy, though.)

Those were the only two 2008 scenarios I've really enjoyed (Excluding UNA - I can't wait for the update.). Though I haven't played the Red Dawn/Blue Moon scenarios yet, I think sarnstrom54014's scenario will be my default scenario for the upcoming months.

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i just played red dawn and tog dog

red dawn is down right impossible to win as a democrat i had an almost perfect campaign with gore against mccain and still lost by about 100 evs

top dog was fun it was closer the money is a problem though u get like 200 mil and the ads still cost the same amount as they do now

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i just played that ultimate 2008 scenario and it was great the only problem was that i played against jeb bush and he is a 2 in integrity but besides that it is by far the best 08 scenario

Do any others agree? I do not want to devote my time to to more than one 2008 scenario, so it is either this or Top Dogs.

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