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1996 - Giant Sucking Sound Scenario

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Hello, I decided to upload the GSS scenario to Mediafire in the case anybody wants to download it (I suppose it's easier that way), all credit goes to the author, Tayya, a member of the Alternate History Discussion Board forum. This scenario follows the premise of Ross Perot winning the 1992 election and going for reelection in 1996. The timeline that inspired the scenario is going through the 2000 primaries by now, and it can be read here: http://alternatehistory.net/discussion/showthread.php?t=208277&page=52.

A little extra info on the scenario:


Democratic Party: (Bill Clinton not a candidate because of certain issues of the timeline)

Gov. Ann Richards

Sen. Paul Wellstone

Sen. Al Gore

Sen. Sam Nunn

Sen. John Kerry

Frm. Gov. Douglas Wilder

Sen. Joe Biden

Sen. Evan Bayh

Sen. Bill Bradley

Sen. Jay Rockefeller

Gov. Bob Casey (OFF)

Jesse Jackson (OFF)

Sen. Bob Kerrey (OFF)

Rep. Dick Gephardt (OFF)

Freedomite/Freedom Party:

Pres. Henry Ross Perot

Vice Pres. Jerry Brown (OFF)

Republican Party:

General Norman Schwarzkopf

Fmr. Gov. Carroll Campbell

Gov. Pete Wilson

Sen. Phil Gramm

Fmr. Gov. Lamar Alexander

Rep. Bob Dornan

Sen. Richard Lugar

Fmr. Sec. of Education William Bennett

Steve Forbes

Fmr. Gov. John McKernan (OFF)

Pat Buchanan (OFF)

Sen. Bob Dole (OFF)

Enjoy the scenario! (I hope that a sequel is made based on how the 2000 election goes)

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